Tournament Prep: How Karate Helps Kids Perform Under Pressure

Have you ever had to perform in front of an audience? On the basketball court (think the silence or taunts on the free throw line), on a stage (Shakespearean monologues), at a podium, an assembly, a business meeting, or a black belt test. It’s a lot of pressure. It’s hard not to choke.

That’s why we get kids out on the karate tournament floor. It’s noisy. There’s a ton going on—presenting yourself to the judges, even when you feel you’re well prepared, can become a mess.

That’s why Ripple Effect Martial Arts provides plenty of opportunity to prep for your presentation in tournament-like conditions; that is, with plenty of shouts and distractions while the judges eyes are on you.

Why does this matter? How does it relate to your ultimate performance in forms or sparring or weapons at the tournament itself? How does it make you a stronger, more confident person in life?

In lots of ways, it turns out, especially for kids. Master Macy says that, in the course of his karate career, as he become more proficient at judging, he could tell who would place first in any individual ring by a student’s presentation alone. It’s not that the judges are biased; it’s just all about the first impression.

Kids will make a lot of first impressions in the house of their lives: Job interviews, public speaking, relationships, sharing ideas in class. The karate tournament judges are looking for a presentation that speaks to a student’s personality. They’re also looking for self-confidence in that personality. Tournament prep and performance helps develop personality that you’ll bring to every occasion, big or small, for the rest of your life.

Sound good? Get in on it and see for yourself.

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