How Karate Helps Kids Get Motivated

The word “motivation” comes from the Latin “motivus,” which literally translates to “a moving cause.” Motivus sounds like the name of a Marvel movie villain (come on, it does). But the concept has won battles and built empires. Motivation helps kids make big gains in life, too.

All parents know how tough it can be to get kids motivated, to spark that “moving cause” that gets kids to want to write thank you notes, eat their vegetables, walk to school or learn their times tables. A huge benefit of joining a karate school and earning a black belt is the support of instructors and a community committed to keeping motivation high.

Experts in child psychology note two kinds of motivation, generally referred to as negative or positive motivation, also known as motivation through punishment or reward. Both can work in the short-or long-term, but there are karate instruction focuses heavily on the positive.

Rewards in karate range from high fives from instructors to highlighted presentations in front of the class to induction into Leadership to, ultimately, a black belt. The community supports each other because you earn these goals not just individually, but as a team. Every member of your team wants what you want: your next belt. And their claps and cheers and help with hard karate moves helps kids feel supported and motivated toward their next goal.

If you want to see how this works in action, get started here. Hope to see you hustle on the road to black belt!

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