Ripple Effect Martial Arts, Johnstown

You may know this story. It’s martial arts inspiration.

In the fall of 2012, Master Macy made his way up to Mile High Karate’s Black Belt test in Breckenridge. He had started his own, very successful business years before, traveled the world, made connections from here to Asia, Canada, South America. He was also on the road some 300 days a year. You could say his karate roots were thirsting. Breckenridge was a break, an indulgence. A return.

Inspiring a new generation of martial artists.

A guest of honor was at that test in Breckenridge. Seated in the hotel cafe. It was none other than Jhoon Rhee, our own Grandmaster, the Father of American Taekwondo. The man at the origin of the art we practice at Ripple Effect to this day. Master Macy stopped and asked to talk.

Master Macy explained who he was, where he’d been. How much Grandmaster Rhee had inspired him. The grandmaster listened. And he told Master Macy, “You have to start your own school.”

Thus Ripple Effect Martial Arts was conceived.

It started in Fort Collins. It rippled out to Longmont. Now it’s coming to Johnstown, Colorado. Yes, you heard it here first. Ripple Effect Martial Arts Johnstown will open its doors and welcome new students onto the mats by the end of this year. If you’re already part of this family, get ready to welcome in a whole new clan.

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