Martial Arts Helps Us Invest in Ourselves, Our Kids, and Our Community

No one becomes a martial artist in a vacuum. Your friends, your parents, your teachers are always present, and even when that presence is virtual, it’s meaningful. No matter how far away everything seems, you’re not alone.

Popular stories about iconic martial artists depict this dynamic. Even the isolated training of Rurouni Kenshin or The Karate Kid took place under the tutelage of a master instructor. As their martial arts careers blossomed, these fictional warriors took on students of their own. Their legends grew.

We can look to the lives and legacy of real martial artists, too. Bruce Lee and Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee also trained in isolation, essentially alone in a foreign land. Yet they reached millions of people through their passion for the martial arts, teaching kids and coaches, and building community.

These story arcs are spectacular. As a Black Belt in training, so is yours.

The past year has felt isolating. About that there’s no question. But it’s also been enriching, as we explore new ways to strengthen ourselves, becoming more resourceful, caring and wise.

To everyone who’s logged into Ripple Effect Martial Arts’ Virtual Ripples platform, everyone who’s participated in the Google Classroom, turned in homework, taken it upon themselves to train in school or in the living room, the backyard or basement toward the goal of 1st or 2nd degree Black Belt, we salute you.

You’ve invested in yourself through your training, and the extra work you’ve put in to make it possible will reward you as you pursue new goals in life. We want to continue to help you strengthen your body, mind and spirit this year, and we thank you for helping us build a community characterized by the Black Belt Creed:

Modesty. Courtesy. Integrity. Perseverance. Self-Control. Indomitable Spirit.

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