A Whole New Era of Teacher Appreciation

Whether you’re a student or a parent, it’s rough to imagine life without teachers.

My first teacher, Mrs. Philips, taught me a very important lesson: “Philips” doesn’t begin with an ‘F’. Seems like a small thing, but that lesson in phonetics (there’s that ‘ph’!) sparked a fascination with words and language for me. As a writer, I’ll never forget Mrs. Philips, her intriguingly spelled name, and her patient lessons in pronunciation.

I’ve had lots of teachers since. Jim Hagadone, Ralph Santolla, and Richard Gillewitz (guitar), Colorado State University and Bethesda Writer’s Center coaches (philosophy, writing and poetry), and Mr. Robinson, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Wagoner, Mr. Worth, the Garcias, Justin Ortiz, Grandmaster Jeff Smith, Tuhon Apolo Ladra and Master Greg Macy (martial arts). I have legitimately learned and been inspired to new pursuits from these wildly different people. All unique. All teachers.

Our kids’ teachers have been out of sight but unbelievably in touch over the past two months. Reviewing assignments, giving lessons, just chatting and checking in, which means a ton. The dedication is so inspiring.

Thank you teachers for continuing the fight to inspire us all. We’ll make you proud.

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