What to Say to Yourself #10 (2021)


Replace the Old with the New:
Think about a Level 1, Negative Self-Acceptance self-talk that you have said or catch yourself saying this week. Walk through the first 4 levels and write down what you would say at each level as we learned in chapter.  Replace the old with the new by saying Level 3 and 4 and repeat level 4 multiple times everyday. Then write down one thing you will do everyday as your plan to replace the old.

“I can never get up early to workout…I should get up early to workout, I never sleep in and miss a productive healthy part of my day, I am working on staying fit and becoming healthier everyday….”

 (The because as we will learn later will be important. )

I will set my alarm everyday this week 10 minutes earlier each day and workout for that amount of time.

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