Your Unsung Karate Hero

Everybody knows Mr. Worth.

Mr. Worth (as drawn by Mr. Robinson)

But you might not know much about him, when you think about it. He’s not exactly a talker. Certainly not a braggart. Nobody knows his first name (you think you do, but that’s his middle name, and even it’s pretty secret).

Mr. Worth’s shaved head was in support of a student battling illness. Selfless to the core.

Mr. Worth’s trained in Wu Shu, among other martial arts, and his skill with a bo staff will blow you away. But again, unless you’re watching close and listening deep, you wouldn’t know. His approach is stoic. He walks the walk.

One of the things Mr. Worth doesn’t brag about is that he’ll be testing for his 3rd-degree Black Belt this weekend at the Black Belt Immersion.

When instructors test alongside their students, it’s the ultimate display of dignity, and the ultimate display of humility. Mr. Worth will take his place among the ranks, setting an example (like he always does) of Black Belt excellence that’ll help every other martial artist alongside do their best

Don’t miss the chance to come out and cheer him on.

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