Martial Arts: The Smart Way to Build Strength

How do I build strength? What are my routines? What can I focus on to do better? These are important questions for every martial artist as we keep searching for ways to become stronger.

But a more fundamental question for the martial artist may be: What is it I want to strengthen? Broadly speaking, we want to develop stronger bodies, minds, and character through lifelong training in the martial arts.

It’s a martial mission.

The martial system you’re studying doesn’t just rank you up by the time you spend in the school or how many classes you’ve attended or even how powerful you’ve shown yourself in those classes. You earn the right to test for a new belt in large part by demonstrating that you’re getting stronger.

Some of this measure of strength is calculable and measured. It’s objective. At white belt you can move through your basic punches and kicks, offensive and defensive. You also need to show you can pull off 10 push ups. 10 sit ups. A sidekick held to a ten count. At gold, the ante’s upped to 15 of every exercise. At high gold, 20. Orange, 25.

And all the way up to your conditional black belt, where you’re on the mat knocking out 100 jumping jacks, push ups, mountain climbers, crunches and whatever else your instructors bid you perform pretty much as a warm up before the real training begins. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Strength gain is a progression that takes years of dedication. If you’re reading this and you haven’t already, contact us to get started on your Black Belt journey.

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