Karate Helps Kids Gain Momentum (Part 2): Life Skills

Real skill in karate builds slowly, like strength. There’s a cumulative effect in training. You don’t come out of your first week or month or even year of classes an expert fighter or karate master.

That’s why it’s such a great activity, especially for kids. It teaches commitment, because it puts kids on a four-year path—we call it a journey—to black belt. And once kids earn a black belt, they’re set up with the skills and conditioning for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th degrees, and beyond.

They’re also set up for a career in the martial arts. Master Greg Macy taught karate in high school and college, a wholesome, active, rewarding pursuit for a young man with bills to pay. Not to mention you get training on the job.

That training includes speaking to kids, speaking to adults, learning how to solve problems, dealing with frustration, teaching teamwork. You don’t necessarily train in martial arts to become a pro fighter (though it certainly helps); you train to become a better, more confident, more impressive, more enthusiastic, more understanding, more capable human being.

That’s what makes black belt training a lifelong pursuit. It connects and improves all the things kids will experience growing up.

If you’re curious about beginning your black belt journey, click here to get started.

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