Black Tie Event
Overcoming Hurdles

On Friday the 13th of October (yes, for real) was the Fall Black Belt Spectacular. If you’ve been to one of these before, you know a little of what it’s like. If you’ve never been, well, it’s something else. And the tradition goes back a long ways.

Master Macy has taken the stage at many a Black Belt Spectacular in the past, beginning when he was something like 12 years old, jolting the audience with super-slick karate moves to the beat of Van Halen’s “Jump” (or was it “Mean Streets?”). He sported a cool long-locked hair cut at the time. Yep. It was spectacular.

Now a new generation of kids hit the stage. They earned their rank with years of sweat and toil. (That’s literal—years.) Finally it was time to perform for you. They were there for you, and that sense of giving was palpable. Exciting. Real.

Whether you’re a white belt or a Black Belt, somewhere in between or a parent or friend or teacher or just plain curious about what Black Belt could possibly represent, check it out at our next Black Belt Spectacular.

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