Vast Initiatives (Can) Prevail

Tonight, at a sparring class in Fort Collins, a dad asked me if his son (a brown belt) could attend classes at the new Johnstown location.

“Of course!” was the quick and dirty answer. “Bring ‘im on down!” Then again, there are no brown belt classes (yet!) at the new Johnstown Ripple Effect, which just opened up last week.

But this gets to the heart of Ripple Effect Martial Arts. We’re here to help each other learn and grow. And this seasoned brown belt from Fort Collins now has the opportunity to teach his skills (and you shoulda seen the reverse hook kicks this kid was throwing) to a new batch of lower belts just down the road.

Borrowing from the philosophy of Kali Master Apolo Ladra, Ripple Effect students “Learn to Teach, and Teach to Learn.” Whether you’re brand new to martial arts or you’re a Black Belt of multiple degrees, please join us in Johnstown. Vast initiatives prevail only because a team is willing to teach, celebrate, and learn, together.

Thanks team.

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