How Martial Arts Builds Mental Strength in Kids: Part I

Kids get physically stronger through karate. Anyone who’s seen a class of kids holding push up position or sidekicks on the wall knows this. Days and weeks and years of repeated squats and blocks and stances builds strength and stamina. No doubt about that.

But karate also (and most importantly) builds strength and stamina of mind. It’s not on display in the same way as those push ups and squats and sidekicks. But it’s something that comes to light as kids work to earn their black belt. Many parents say that the strength of mind that their kids develop in karate is the most impressive benefit of the whole black belt journey.

This happens in stages, as the knowledge compounds. At white belt kids are learning very simple things: where to go on the mat, how to stand up straight, how to find a partner, how to introduce themselves to someone else, and how to respect the authority of the karate instructors. This level of martial arts training is an introduction to discipline for kids—but it’s not overwhelming.

As the curriculum knowledge builds from white belt on, the student’s mind takes on greater and greater levels of burden. Parents see this in the standard belt tests: Not only are your kids building capacity to do more push ups; they’re building the stamina to take on a load of mental weight.

Black belt training is a system of collective, well-rounded strength building that helps kids feel like they can endure anything. If you think your kid could benefit from that kind of mental strength, call us or contact one of our schools to start the journey.

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