Little Ripples

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First Month

  1. Back Fist (note: The quickest move you’ll learn in karate!)
  2. Front Punch
  3. Reverse Punch
  4. Front Kick
  5. Back-Leg Front Kick
  6. Side Kick (note: The most powerful move you’ll learn in karate!)


Second Month

  1. Back Fist
  2. Slide Forward Back Fist
  1. Front Punch
  2. Slide Forward Front Punch
  1. Reverse Punch
  2. Slide Forward Reverse Punch
  1. Front Kick
  2. Step Forward Front Punch, Bump Front Kick


  • 1st Stripe:
    Down block, Upper block, Side block
  • 2nd Stripe:
    Down block, Aim, Punch (left), Turn, Down block, Aim, Punch (right), Front stance


  • 1st Stripe:
    Circle block, Square block, Horse stance
  • 2nd Stripe:
    Round kick, Back-leg round kick


  • 1st Stripe:
    Sudo block, Back stance, Chops
  • 2nd Stripe:
    Reverse side kick


  • 1st Stripe:
    High Gold Belt Combinations (1 & 2):

    • 1 Offensive front punch, Reverse punch
    • 2 Offensive front punch, Bump front kick, Reverse punch
  • 2nd Stripe:
    Pedal-step front kick


  • 1st Stripe:
    Double front kick, Orange belt combination (1):

    • Offensive front punch, Reverse punch, Front ridgehand
  • 2nd Stripe:
    Side block, Aim, Punch (left), Turn, Side block, Aim, Punch (right)
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