Getting the Most out of Martial Arts at Home

By Kris Louis

Black Belt Readers: We’re fortunate to have Kris Louis, a mom, martial artist, and host of the blog site parentingwithkris.com (check it out for great articles on parenting tips, tricks and philosophy). Below she gives some tips on setting up a successful physical and mental space to train at home.

These days, martial arts is happening at home, thanks to online training platforms like Ripple Effect Martial Arts’ Virtual Ripples. But to train well, you need to create the space. An in-home studio gives you the opportunity to work on skills safely when you can’t practice in-person in the karate schools; plus, kids tend to test drive their moves at home anyway. With a safe place to do so, you can rest easier. There are benefits for mom and dad, too.

These resources will answer some key questions about equipment, home workouts, and more.

Choosing the Right Studio Space

The good news is, you don’t need a dedicated karate sanctuary. Pick a spot that allows kids to practice their martial arts moves, but also serves other functions. For example, it could double as your yoga studio, home office, or craft space.

  • Your attic may be messy, but if you deep clean the space, it might be the perfect spot.
  • A basement is another great option, and remodeling tips help create aesthetically pleasing results.
  • Have your kids help you clean and organize the garage to transform a corner of it into a martial arts studio.
  • Even hallowed spaces like the living room can work well when you move a few tables and chairs.

Make Sure You Have the Gear

Tools like weapons (bo staff, nunchucks, kamas, and escrima sticks), kicking pads and x-ray sheets, and punching bags are essential at-home tools for Black Belt training.

Of course, you need to allow extra space (and extra supervision) for weapons or friendly sparring between siblings. Training outdoors (if weather allows) can be a great option, offering a greater range for movement that’s demanded for swinging those weapons around.

Check out mykarategear.com for everything you need for your home karate gym.

How to Practice at Home

Apart from the scheduled online karate classes that you can tune into as a student, there are many resources online that will help your kids practice efficiently in your martial arts home gym.

  • These simple punching drills are perfect for martial arts beginners and a great review for experts.
  • Your child can practice these helpful drills to increase the height of their karate kicks.
  • These footwork drills from champion kickboxer Jadi Tention are super fun, don’t take much space, and will increase your child’s footwork and dexterity.

The old saying that “perfect practice makes perfect” is certainly true in martial arts. Create a safe spot at home for your kids to hone their skills and supplement their instructor’s guidance.

More Resources for Training Karate at Home:

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