Trajectory: How Karate Motivates Kids in the Direction of their Goals

Setting goals is a fundamental part of every student’s black belt journey. And the practice of goal setting extends well beyond the karate mat; kids have an eye on their next belt, and the belt beyond that, to black belt (and beyond). But black belt training also teaches kids to set a trajectory to achieve better grades in school, accomplish more on their own, and earn the praise of their parents for helping out at home.

This isn’t just a theory or a hope. It’s real, and it’s built into the karate curriculum. Kids enrolled in a martial arts program get rewarded for earning straight As, bringing in a testimonial from a parent or teacher, and other acts of good will out in the world. This reinforces the sense that doing good things—and doing good things well—is something kids can take joy in, can be proud of, and want to repeat.

That’s the black belt mindset. That’s the black belt trajectory: head in the direction of doing good. As kids built strength through karate forms and stances and push ups, they gain a sense that they can get stronger still, achieve more. Ten push ups at white belt, 20 at Gold, 30 at Orange, and onwards to the black belt standard of 100. What seemed totally out of reach in the beginning of training becomes literally achievable.

The experience of earning a black belt over four or six years sets kids on a trajectory to achieve happiness and success in all stages of life, and to bring happiness to the lives of others along the way. If you’re curious about the black belt journey, click here to get started.

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