Virtual Ripples

Your Virtual Karate Dojo

Keep training and working toward your next belt while you’re stuck at home! Virtual Ripples is an online portal (instructions to get access below) through Google Classroom¬†where you can:

  • Get class credit and attitude stripes for completing assignments and challenges
  • Receive personalized feedback from our certified instructors
  • Stay connected to our Ripple Effect community

Once you’ve joined, watch and practice along with the videos, then complete the assignments by recording and sharing your moves. Keep an eye out for fun special activities, workouts, and challenges!

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Classroom Codes

Copy the code for your belt rank and use it to join the classroom at Instructions below.

Little Ripples – qfjjzvh

White Belt – wtufsa3

Gold Belt – vhelfvv

High Gold Belt – rxc7idp

Orange Belt – dxhtqco

High Orange Belt – xu5su52

Green Belt – sihkuqx

Purple Belt – n7eo3ms

Blue Belt – tgp76up

High Blue Belt – fibuxlj

Red Belt – utmt3dc

High Red Belt – sptpy23

Low Brown Belt – gfr3cyw

Brown Belt – lv3l7z5

High Brown Belt – n74yjog

Prep Cycle – qsiexan

Conditional Prep Cycle – 6t5eyhn

Black Belt – nm67yty

Leadership Class – alhivan

Warm Up and Daily Stretching – 5g44uiy

Attitude Stripes – apq2k4i

Word of the Month – 3sgnxuh

Word of the Belt – yrvra3e

Educational Resources/Fun – hxabmhu

Bonus Physical Challange – loldg4d

Stripe Testing – cfobhgo

Step One

Google Classroom
Once you've copied your code, log in to Virtual Ripples with your Google account.

Step Two

Click to Join
Click on the "+" in the top right. Then click "Join Class".

Step Three

Put in the Code
Enter the code for your belt rank and desired subjects (see codes above).

Step Four

Get Your Karate On!
We'll be posting assignments, fun activities, and challenges. Submit your assignments for an instructor to grade.
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