Sparring FAQs

When are sparring classes offered?

Sparring classes will be offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Check out our updated class schedules to find out when the next sparring class is available at your school.

Are sparring classes safe?

Sparring classes will continue to follow all local, state and CDC guidelines and precautions related to COVID. This includes, at this time, limiting class sizes and keeping distances at six feet. Students will pair with a single partner for the entire class, to limit interactions, and all students will be required to bring wipes to clean their pads before and after each sparring class.

Will I need pads to spar?

Yes. All students are required to wear full pads to spar, even when we’re doing solitary (vs. partner) or bag/pad drills. The reason is that, when sparring returns in full capacity to the schools and tournaments, obviously everyone will be padded up—it’s critical to get used to putting your pads on, making adjustments, and moving in them as you spar.

Do I need a mouthguard and headgear?

Yes—and for the same reason you need all your other pads! Fighting legend Jeff Smith and many other professionals talk about the benefit of wearing a mouthguard while training to improve your breathing.

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