Robert Verant

Robert Verant


Head Instructor


2nd-Degree Black Belt


Celebrity: Rob Lowe
Superhero: Night Wing
Food: Chicken Nugget Quesadilla

Mr. Verant defines avuncular (for an actual definition of avuncular click here). He’s a friend as well as an instructor, and he’ll inspire you not only to earn your Black Belt, but to laugh a lot along the way. 

While Mr. Verant had some experience in taekwondo and wrestling in school, he began his Black Belt journey (just like so many of our students) at Ripple Effect Martial Arts. He loves learning about the motivations and goals of new students (and their parents). He loves watching you progress, within the scope of your martial arts training as well as your success in your life beyond.

Mr. Verant was raised on the mean streets of suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and The Karate Kid (OG) movie kindled an early passion for martial arts. When he’s not on the mats, he’s out running or visiting family in Red Feather, Colorado.

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