Rebecca Quillen

Rebecca Quillen


Branch Manager


2nd-Degree Black


Color: Purple
Celebrity: Jeweliana Ramos-Ortiz
Music: Opera

Mrs. Rebecca Quillen was born in Longmont, Colorado. Upon high school graduation, she ventured all the way to Greeley (UNC) and Fort Collins (CSU) to study education, history and music. After teaching and performing throughout Northern Colorado, she has ended up almost exactly where she started out life.

Shortly after returning to the Longmont area, Mrs. Quillen discovered Ripple Effect Martial Arts. As a mother, she loved watching the growth in her sons and quickly began training alongside them. She fell in love with the martial arts and realized it was one of the best venues to live out her “why” as an educator. Inspired by the potential the road to Black Belt has to help students become the best version of themselves, Mrs. Quillen has dedicated herself to helping others in their pursuit of the principles of Black Belt.  She has a passion for leadership and it has been her joy to develop and write the curriculum for our LEAD Talks program.

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