Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis




2nd-Degree Black


Color: Green
Movie: Tombstone
Quote: "This too shall pass."

Mrs. Rebecca Davis, a 2nd-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, was born and raised in Denver Colorado and moved to Florida in 2004.

Mrs Davis and her husband have been blessed by two amazing sons. When the youngest started training in Tang Soo Do at Middleburg Martial Arts, Mom joined a few months later. They went on to test for their 1st Degree Black Belts together.

Mrs. Davis continued to train and became an instructor for Middleburg Martial Arts, as well as running a sister school in Fleming island. We’re happy to have her skills, leadership and black belt experience at Ripple Effect Martial Arts in Fleming Island. We know you and your kids will love her too!

Mrs Davis continue to train and became a instructor for Middleburg Martial Arts. She also had been running their sister school in Fleming island. She is now a 2nd degree Black Belt working on her 3rd Degree.

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