Master Joel Thompson

Master Joel Thompson


Fort Collins Head Instructor


4th-Degree Black


Shape: Trapezoid
Color: Purple
Holiday: Mom's Birthday

Master Thompson started training at age 5 at Mile High Karate in Thornton, Colorado. Almost immediately, he wanted to teach.

“I wasn’t really good in the beginning (at martial arts), to be honest,” he says. “But I was hooked. I wanted to bring the fun of martial arts to other kids.”

A couple decades of experience has given Mr. Thompson the chance to realize that dream. He teaches and oversees karate classes for Ripple Effect Martial Arts’ school in Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as conducting mat chats and seminars in teamwork, sparring, leadership and weapons.

Beyond karate classes and continual training toward higher degrees of black belt, Mr. Thompson enjoys playing drums and collaborating with other musicians in styles that include metal, jazz, and honky-tonk/country.

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