Cole Worth

Cole Worth




4th-Degree Black Belt


Color: Purple
Video Game Series: Dark Souls
Animal: Cat

Cole Worth was initiated into the martial arts at the age of six, studying taekwondo under Sensei Jean at Young Champions in Denver through the fifth grade, then at her own school, Five Star Martial Arts in Brighton, Colorado. He also took Wushu instruction from the sensei’s son, adding new sets of moves to his arsenal.

Mr. Worth earned his black belt in December 2009. He currently holds a 4th-degree black belt from Ripple Effect Martial Arts and is progressively training toward his 5th degree. He honors the codes of discipline and a positive attitude, crucial tenets of martial arts training that he passes on, through instruction and by example, to all Ripple Effect students.

(For a glimpse of an illustrated Mr. Worth and his style of teaching, check out Frances the Gold Belt.)

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