Master Andrew Wagoner

Master Andrew Wagoner


General Manager


4th-Degree Black


Song: Feel It Still, Darknecessities, Baby Shark
Holiday: Thanksgiving, Earth Day
Movie: Baby Driver

Andrew Wagoner first got into martial arts at USA Karate, in the town of Egypt, New York. He was just seven, inspired by the moves of Tommy Oliver, better known as the Green Power Ranger. Mr. Wagoner trained intensely for years, earning his first Black Belt at age 16.

After high school, Mr. Wagoner joined United Martial Arts Center in Victor, New York. He once again worked his way up from white belt alongside new students and friends, and at age 22 earned his second Black Belt, this one in the Hattatsu Ryu karate style.

When Mr. Wagoner moved west to Colorado and came to Ripple Effect Martial Arts, he found families training together. The strict discipline of the classes. The strong interactions between students and instructors. He earned his third Black Belt under the direction of Master Macy in 2014, continued teaching classes in Fort Collins, and became lead instructor for Ripple Effect Longmont in 2015.

Check out Mr. Wagoner’s execution of a black belt form during a belt promotion ceremony at Ripple Effect.

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