Alexandra Hayes

Alexandra Hayes




3rd-Degree Black Belt


Movie: Coraline (2009)
Animal: Dragon
Kick: Reverse Hook Kick

Ms. Hayes earned her 1st degree Black Belt at Ripple Effect Martial Arts in April 2018, and currently holds her 3rd degree Black Belt certification. As an instructor, leader of the Demo Team, co-leader of the Competition Team, and an ever-evolving student of the martial arts, she represents the essence of the Black Belt journey.

Ms. Hayes’s specialties include tournament competition, nunchucks, fan forms, and phenomenal kicks. In addition to training, instructing and competing in the martial arts, Ms. Hayes has also illustrated karate-based tales like The Boy Who Cried Ninja and Frances: The Orange Belt.

Ms. Hayes grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and earned a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at Colorado State University. She currently works in the field of mental and behavioral health. Needless to say, she’s devoted to creativity, intellect and instruction, on and off the mat. Read more about what makes her excel as an instructor and competitor in taekwondo.

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