Alan Ogle

Alan Ogle


Branch Manager


3rd-Degree Black


Color: Blue
Animal: Dragon
Baked Good: Key Lime Pie

Mr. Ogle started Martial Arts as a kid, in Bermuda, where he grew up. This island boy moved to the states at 15 years old and joined ROTC in high school. After high school he joined the Navy for four years. After the Navy he began his career as a Programmer for smart home/business equipment and technology. He spent about 15 years in the industry, owning his own tech business for 5 of those years.

After sitting in front of the computer for years he decided he wanted to pursue his passion of fitness. He earned a personal training certificate for the Beach Body program right around the time he joined Karate (in 2013) with his wife and two (of 3) kids. In 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Ogle had the opportunity to take over the location that they trained at and has been running it successfully ever since. Mr. Ogle earned his 3rd Degree Black Belt in May of 2021 with his wife and youngest child.

Outside of karate, Mr. Ogle enjoys playing golf and swears he will be pro one day. He also loves hanging with his kids and wife, traveling, and looking for his next adventure. Every day he dreams of being back in Bermuda, living on a beach and enjoying the warm climate.

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