Addison Tretten

Addison Tretten


Head Instructor


2nd-Degree Black


Song: Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles
Pasttime: Science!
Animal: Ranitomeya Poison Dart Frogs

Miss Addison Tretten began training at Ripple Effect Martial Arts at age 9 after watching her little brother from the sidelines for over a year. She ultimately decided it was more fun to use her amazing kicks as a martial artist by kicking human beings rather than as a ballerina.

As she moved up the ranks and began her junior instructor training, she excelled not only as a fantastic martial artist but as an incredibly talented instructor. Currently a second-degree black belt and an inspiration to many, she has become the primary mentor to our incoming Junior Instructors. She works with them on a weekly basis and has given new life to the curriculum used to prepare them for their red pants.  Beyond the walls of Ripple Effect Martial Arts, she has used her instructional and leadership skills to found and teach “Inclusive Melodies”; a local accessible music program.

Longmont school
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