School Karate Enrichment

Martial arts powers students to make breakthroughs!

Great leaders are great readers! Invite one of our certified Black Belt instructors to visit your class and read the book of your choice. Kids will see how karate skills can translate into literary thrills.

Gather your students and teachers for an assembly they won’t forget! Our Black Belt instructors enrich from the “stage” with interactive karate demos that engage the whole student body.

We’ll hit topics like focus, respect, anti-bullying, leadership, and self-esteem in ways that’ll get your students pumped to practice these virtues at home and school.

Have a Black Belt call your gym class to attention! We’ll partner with your PE teacher for a week to take K–12 students through super fun karate conditioning and self-defense drills that build strength, coordination, and confidence.

Want to enrich students with confidence, discipline, and bully prevention, all while earning money for your school? Go for our after-school karate program, a four-week course in Black Belt fitnesses and character building.

We donate 100% of the tuition back to your school. It’s funds, fitness, and lots of fun.

These programs are part of the mission of Ripple Effect Martial Arts students, instructors, and families to enrich our communities and schools. Your school pays nothing.

Get more information:

Shoot us an email at info@rippleeffectmartialarts.com or call (844) 321-5425.

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