Progress Check: How Much Headway Have You Made to Your Next Belt?

This week we’re talking about Progress Checks. Have you set your goal to Black Belt? How much progress have you made toward that goal?

Start here: What’s your Black Belt date? (That is, the month and year you’ll earn your first Black Belt.)

If you know that, past or present, right off hand, what’s the date you’ll earn your 2nd degree Black Belt?

Those are what progress checks help measure. How far have you come? How far do you have to go?

Here’s a list of things that karate uses to help kids keep on track toward their Black Belt goal:

  • Belt displays, which give a tangible, material, visual totem to your Black Belt progress
  • Your Black Belt Journey binder, which has handy check sheets that help track your progress
  • Your current belt, where the stripes you’ve earned are on display at all times to tell you how much progress you’ve made

There are many more, of course. The uniform you’re wearing, whether it’s a first wave white, or leadership blues, or a junior instructor’s red pants and blue top, marks you as a person making progress toward Black Belt.

Study hard and practice your moves and forms and Words of the Belt. But make sure you know the answers to your Black Belt dates—having a set goal in mind is the key to making progress.

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