New Years Resolution: Martial Arts Helps You Reach Your Goals
Making the commitment to Black Belt

We’re almost to the close of January 2020. Have you set any goals for the year?

Now the tough question: How are they going? Any progress?

It’s comfortable and convenient to set goals at the beginning of a new year. It’s traditional. It’s romantic. The timing makes sense. New year, new you. But following through is where most people fail.

No one feels that pressure (and that potential) like a new white belt. Earning a Black Belt is a very lofty goal. But a Black Belt martial arts school holds you accountable along the way. We motivate you when you feel discouraged, provide clarity when you feel confused, punch you up when you feel like slowing down.

We’ll get you to Black Belt. You’ve just gotta do the work. And unlike most New Year’s resolutions, that work won’t be lost in the ether as the year goes on. It’s substance. It builds.

The transformative journey from white belt to Black Belt is exemplified in Mr. Ben Stott, a high schooler who was one of the first students at Ripple Effect Martial Arts. Ben was typical at the outset—young, a little shy, not exactly ready to step up front and show off. He’s since earned his second-degree Black Belt and become a karate instructor. In the words of student and parent Kate Tufano:

“I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with Mr Stott. [He is] easily one of the best instructors I have ever had [not just at Ripple Effect but in] all aspects of my experiences with instructional staff (schooling and otherwise). Mr Stott clearly explains new skills, is accurate in his demonstrations and is patient with students. It blows my mind that he is still in high school. He shows a level of leadership, confidence, patience and grace well beyond his years.”

That’s an unsolicited reflection on why people of all ages and skill levels sign up for a four-year journey to Black Belt (and beyond). They want transformation, for themselves and for their kids.

To all you white belts (and potential white belts) out there, know that we want it for you.

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