Karate Helps Kids Gain Momentum (Part 1): School

Momentum and motivation go together, especially for kids. Or donkeys. (Stick with me here.)

The classic logic goes that if you want that donkey to get a move on, you dangle a carrot on a stick in front of his face; now he’s got motivation to move. You’ve created some momentum.

Kids in karate get a lot of motivation. Cheers, high fives, medals, trophies, new belts, a blue leadership uniform. These help kids overcome frustration, disappointment, confusion, even anger. These are all roadblocks to momentum.

The momentum in karate that ties to success for kids in school is the learning of curriculum. Learning new moves, forms, combinations and disciplines (e.g., tying a uniform or belt) takes a lot of concentration. So instructors find a way to make it fun.

Same with curriculum in school; kids learning to spell, write and do harder and harder levels of math need to gain a sense of momentum to stay on track, and the hard work they put into advancing in karate and getting the praise of their parents and instructors mirrors their experience in the classroom.

If you want to see how this works in action, get started here. Hope to see you on the road to black belt!

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