Through your first two years of training, you’ll test for a new belt approximately every two months (testing for the upper belts, red through black, is more intensive and less frequent). We’ll keep you informed ahead of time of key dates to help you prepare. These include:

  • Stripe Week, where your instructors will test your knowledge of belt-level combos, forms, and the Word of the Belt. You’ll receive a black stripe on your belt for each, a qualification for taking the comprehensive belt test.
  • Test Week, during which normal classes are replaced by dedicated testing times. In addition to having a thorough knowledge of your forms and combos, there are several other requirements to qualify to test. Check in with the Program Director at the front desk of your school for a detailed list of what you’ll need.

Belt Promotion Ceremonies, where you’ll receive your new belt and rank along with your fellow promoters.

Get accustomed to these rules and soon they’ll become second nature, keeping you on track to Black Belt.

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