Master Greg Macy, a 5th-degree Black Belt, founded Ripple Effect Martial Arts in the summer of 2013 in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was a passion long in the making.

Master Macy began training in taekwondo at age seven. As a youth and teenager, martial arts channeled his energies. He practically lived at Mile High Karate in Lakewood, Colorado. He spent thousands of hours working katas and combinations. Competing in tournaments. Studying books. Teaching and exploring new ideas with instructors and students. And mopping up mats and scrubbing windows when the day was done.

His fellow students and instructors were like family. It was an intense but safe environment, a place that rewarded good decisions, a positive attitude, leadership, and hard work that went beyond the expectations of the daily world.

We carry on this tradition at Ripple Effect Martial Arts. It’s a school where we train to improve, and that means lots of exercise, lots of drills and competition. We also share our stories and our goals, growing together in a supportive, fun, driven environment. We believe that the harder you work, the more you forge the strength to harness your mind and your muscles, the better you’ll be able to act and react. And not just in a fight, but in every challenge you take on.

The strength and confidence you’ll gain resonates out. That’s the Ripple Effect.

We offer martial arts training at our schools in Fort Collins, Longmont and Johnstown, Colorado. Stop in, write us, or give us a call to begin your journey to Black Belt.

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