How Kids Gain Strength through Punches and Kicks

There’s more to karate than punches and kicks. That’s a phrase we use a lot.

And it’s true. But no one takes karate to not learn how to punch and kick, if that makes sense. In classic ironic fashion, it ends up that karate is all about punches and kicks.

Another way to think about it is, through punching and kicking stuff, karate gives kids confidence, and that confidence helps kids deal with criticism, failure, pressure and bullies. Gaining that confidence comes from thousands of push ups, sit ups, stances and squats (and, yes, punches and kicks) on the road to black belt.

Building physical strength, especially for kids, is what defines black belt training. The instructors make it fun for kids with contests and races and cheers. Kids are breathless at the end of class, but they’re smiling and laughing too. That’s what motivates kids to push themselves in karate and keep building strength over the four years to black belt.

If you want to see what it’s like for your kid to punch and kick in an environment that builds strength (versus the school halls or your living room), call us or contact one of our schools to start their black belt journey.

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