How Karate Creates Energy in Kids: Board Breaks

Karate board breaks are always exciting events, but not always because of the flying side kicks, cyclonic split-second breaks by black belt instructors, or Bruce Lee style “one-inch punch” breaks through multiple boards stacked on cinder blocks.

At virtually every board break, there’s a handful of students that don’t look so spectacular right off the bat. There’s that kid who seems like he couldn’t break a matchstick. There’s another slamming his palm into a board without any effect. There’s the overambitious brown belt, a few tears welling in her eyes, striking a thick board with her elbow. Again, and again. And again.

But then those tears give way to courage, as the crowd huddles around these struggling students and starts to cheer them on. The instructors wave everyone in. The student’s at the middle of a circle of clapping, shouting onlookers who without fail break into a frenzy when that elbow breaks through and splinters fly.

That’s the real energy delivered to struggling kids in a black belt community. That’s the wonderful thing about karate for young children, kids and teens (and yes, their parents). You feel frustration, anger, defeat in an environment that sets you up to win. Because, as Master Macy always says, no one goes home without breaking a board.

If you’re curious about getting your kids on their black belt journey and getting them excited to break past their limits, click here to get started.

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