Ripple Effect Martial Arts in Longmont, CO

Karate and fitness classes for adults, children, and families

Ripple Effect Martial Arts and Fitness is a place where small disciplines Ripple into great life changes.

Founded in 2013 by Master Greg Macy, Ripple Effect Martial Arts in Longmont provides more than top-level, Taekwondo, Fitness & Martial Arts instruction for kids and adults. Our teachings, discipline and philosophy goes beyond new belts and fitness goals. The physical & life lessons learned within the walls of Ripple Effect Martial Arts classrooms are used by both students and teachers alike out in the world. Our cutting edge techniques and instruction along with our unique comprehensive curriculum is what makes us the #1 choice for martial arts and fitness training in Longmont.

Mr. Wagoner, Head Instructor
Mr. Wagoner is a 1st Degree Black Belt and the Head Instructor at Ripple Effect Martial Arts Longmont.

Ms. Workman, RipKick and Assistant Instructor
Mr. Workman is a 1st Degree Black Belt and helps teach RipKick along with helping teach classes.

Longmont Schedule:

Longmont Class Schedule Fall 2016_sm