Getting Started

Our students know how to keep it clean.

Dear students and families,

Common courtesies help bind our student body together. They help you get to know other students, show respect to your instructors, and connect with martial arts traditions. Follow these basic guidelines to enhance your experience at Ripple Effect Martial Arts.

  • Quietly prepare for your class.
  • Remain in the warm up areas until your class begins.
  • Keep your uniform clean and wrinkle free.
  • Practice good hygiene (keep long hair tied back, toenails trimmed and body clean for each class).
  • Remove all jewelry before class.
  • Learn to tie your belt properly.
  • Introduce yourself to students you don’t know–smile and make them feel welcome!
  • If you bring guests, introduce them to your instructors.
  • Keep a close eye on your small children to make sure they don’t disrupt class (it can be tempting, but dangerous, for little ones to run, climb, or scamper out onto the mat).
  • Don’t chew gum or eat candy during class.
  • Come into every class with an energetic spirit, ready to learn and improve.
  • Remember: “He who is afraid to do too much always does too little.”
  • Work hard and encourage your teammates to work hard, too. Your team’s counting on you to train at least twice a week at the school, practice at home and make up missed classes immediately.
  • Don’t miss belt promotions or exams. Get the dates on the calendar and come in for extra help to stay on schedule.
  • Never forget your goal: Black Belt Excellence!


Thank you!!

Your Black Belt Instructors and Staff