Staff & Instructors

Master Greg Macy, Master Instructor 

As founder and Master Instructor, Master Macy guides the creation and execution of all martial arts and character development curriculum at Ripple Effect Martial Arts. He also teaches martial arts classes at Ripple Effect schools in Fort Collins and Longmont, as well as special seminars in martial arts and leadership and self-defense courses for women.

Master Macy began training at age seven at Mile High Karate in Lakewood, Colorado, studying under Grandmaster Stephen Oliver, international kickboxing champion Jeff Smith and the legendary Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee. Master Macy earned his 1st degree black belt at age 13 and went on to train and teach karate through high school. He continued teaching martial arts full-time while studying chemistry at the University of Colorado.

Master Macy founded Ripple Effect Martial Arts following an entrepreneurial career in the field of hydro engineering. In recognition for his continual achievements in and contributions to martial arts training and education, Master Macy earned his 5th degree black belt from Grandmasters Stephen Oliver, Jeff Smith and Joe Corley in October 2016.

Mr. Sean Robinson, Head Instructor 

Writing an essay back in middle school, Sean Robinson described one benefit of training in martial arts. “I used to be a skinny little twig with no muscles at all,” he said, “and now I am a skinny little twig with lots of muscles.” That’s a succinct expression of his approach to martial arts: don’t change who you are, just how great you can be.

Mr. Robinson began training at age ten at Mile High Karate in Thornton, Colorado. He earned a 2nd degree black belt and started teaching his own classes at age 15. He joined Ripple Effect as an instructor in November 2013, just after the school’s grand opening in Fort Collins. After 18 months of instruction, leadership and training, Mr. Robinson earned his 3rd degree black belt in 2015.

In December of 2015, Mr. Robinson graduated from CSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with concentrations in Finance and Accounting. His extracurricular talents extend from illustration to backflips to balloon breaking.

Mr. Cole Worth, Instructor 

Cole Worth was initiated into the martial arts at the age of six, studying Taekwondo under Sensei Jean at Young Champions in Denver through the fifth grade, then at her own school, Five Star Martial Arts in Brighton. He also took Wushu instruction from the sensei’s son, adding new sets of moves to his arsenal.

Mr. Worth earned his black belt in December 2009. He currently holds a 2nd-degree black belt from Ripple Effect Martial Arts and is progressively training toward his 3rd degree. He honors the codes of discipline and a positive attitude, crucial tenets of martial arts training that he passes on, through instruction and by example, to all Ripple Effect students.

(For a glimpse of an illustrated Mr. Worth and his style of teaching, check out Frances the Gold Belt.)

Mrs. Lindsey Macy, Instructor 

In her school days, wanting to get active as part of a team, Lindsey’s mom suggested martial arts. Soon Lindsey was spending two nights a week learning karate at one of the first dojos of Grandmaster Stephen Oliver’s newly formed Mile High Karate.

She stuck to intensive daily training regimens and joined the school’s DEMO team. She sparred and stretched. She competed in tournaments in front of hundreds of people. She gained confidence and courage, working through all the challenges, defeats and disappointments (including a fractured ankle) to try again and again, earning her black belt at age 15 and making some lifelong friends along the way.

Mrs. Macy holds a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University. She earned a 2nd degree black belt at Ripple Effect Martial Arts in 2014, and is currently working toward her 3rd degree.

Take a look at this demonstration of Mrs. Macy’s black belt performance.

Mr. Arick Hunter, Instructor 

Mr. Arick Hunter, a 3rd degree black belt, began training at age ten in the Chung Do Kwan style under Master Yee. His initiation was quick. He began sparring, as a white belt, almost immediately. With only headgear and hand pads, Mr. Hunter and the other white, gold and orange belts could only throw punches. Green belts, who belonged to the same class, were fully padded up and allowed to throw kicks. “It was an education in defensive techniques,” Mr. Hunter recalls.

Over the next few years, this defensive style translated well to adult sparring. Mr. Hunter advanced through the ranks at the top of his class, earning high tournament ranks in both sparring and forms. He earned his 1st degree black belt in 2005 and his 2nd degree in 2008. Mr. Hunter has been with Ripple Effect Martial Arts since 2013, training, teaching, and earning his 3rd degree black belt under Master Macy in 2015.

Watch Mr. Hunter prepare to spar Master Macy for his 3rd degree progress test. Then watch him punch through a watermelon.

Mr. Wagoner, Head Instructor 

Andrew Wagoner first got into martial arts at USA Karate, in the town of Egypt, New York. He was just seven, inspired by the moves of Tommy Oliver, better known as the Green Power Ranger. Mr. Wagoner trained intensely for years, earning his first black belt at age 16.

After high school, Mr. Wagoner joined United Martial Arts Center in Victor, New York. He once again worked his way up from white belt alongside new students and friends, and at age 22 earned his second black belt, this one in the hattatsu ryu karate style.

When Mr. Wagoner moved west to Colorado and came to Ripple Effect Martial Arts, he found families training together. The strict discipline of the classes. The strong interactions between students and instructors. He earned his third black belt under the direction of Master Macy in 2014, continued teaching classes in Fort Collins, and became lead instructor for Ripple Effect Longmont in 2015.

Check out Mr. Wagoner’s execution of a black belt form during a belt promotion ceremony at Ripple Effect.

Ms. Workman, Assistant Instructor

Ms. Amanda Workman brings a background in Taekwondo, women’s self-defense, nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning, and fitness and health coaching to students and parents at Ripple Effect Martial Arts.

Ms. Workman  instructs lower- and upper-level martial arts classes and heads Ripple Effect’s Prep Cycle program, a six-month intensive training regimen for black belt candidates in preparation for their 72-hour intensive black belt test. This program includes non-traditional but highly practical elements such as essay writing, problem solving, leadership training and teamwork.

Through the Prep Cycle program, Ms. Workman guides our highest-ranking students through a comprehensive qualification for black belt testing. Prep Cycle helps students open up to new challenges and opportunities, crafting them into stronger, tougher, more well-rounded individuals in body, heart and mind.

Ms. Workman earned her 1st degree black belt from Mile High Karate in Lakewood, Colorado and her 2nd degree black belt in 2016 from Ripple Effect Martial Arts.